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Ken Middleton

Director - Diversity, Customer Advocacy

" JTA has been a proud sponsor of the Jacksonville Black Expo (JBE) from its inception. JTA recognized the value in encouraging, empowering and inspiring individuals in the entire community and the African-American and small business communities in particular.


The Expo has provided a forum for attendees through education, events and hands-on initiatives. Each year the Expo continues to evolve its programming to find creative ways of improving the quality of life within minority communities by strengthening businesses, inspiring youth and building better lives. When an individual realizes that better is possible then good is no longer an option. JTA is excited about continuing its partnership with the JBE as we face the challenges of a new decade with the confidence that by coming together we can overcome every obstacle. "

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Interested in participating in an In-Person Career Fair at the Prime Osborne Convention Center on May 22
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Interested in participating in the May 22 Spring Summit & the August 28 Florida Black Expo

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FBX Sponsorship Opportunities for 2021

A Partnership In Empowerment!

Companies, Government Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations and Retail Businesses of all sizes can play a vital roll in our  community’s economic growth by sponsoring the 2021 Florida Black Expo.


Participate in the 

  • May 2021 FBX Spring Empowerment Summit

  • August 2021 FBX Events

  • or both!

Sponsorships for the May Spring Summit count toward metal level sponsorships for August.


Looking for specialized events and activations? We can customize a sponsorship that supports the community  and supports your organizations strategic initiatives & goals.


About Us

Empowering the African-American community for Success in a changing world!

Thomas Media Group, Inc. (TMG), publisher of The Black Pages Jacksonville (28 years) and creator/presenter of The Florida Black Expo (17 years), is joining with new local market partner, The Pollock Group, LLC., to bring back a celebrated platform for showcasing the vibrant urban market in North Florida and beyond..

At its height, The Florida Black Expo Jacksonville attracted over 16,000 Attendees. The Expo offered participants engagement, education and entertainment with over 300 retail vendors, corporate entities, community and governmental agencies in a creative, high energy setting.


After a three-year hiatus, Thomas Media Group and The Pollock Group have planned the return of The Florida Black Expo (FBX) to reignite this pivotal catalyst for growth in North Florida in 2021. We will start the year with the new FBX Spring Empowerment Summit on May 21st & 27th, for Career Seekers, Entrepreneurs & Teenpreneurs. August will see the return of The Taste @ FBX, The Inaugural FBX Media Awards and of course the Florida Black Expo at the historic Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center, August 26-29, 2021.

Our Purpose

The Florida Black Expo (FBX) returns to Jacksonville…

Bigger, Bolder & Better than EVER! for a Bigger, Bolder, Better YOU!



Wealth Creation


Education S.T.E.A.M.

History & Culture

FBX Supports the 6 Pillars of Success for the African American Community